10/5/16 - Tick Tock Tick Tock.... Welcome New in 2016 Vendors!  Recent updates include: FiberFlame kids schedule, Cooking Demos (including a Chopped! star), and the Fiber Arts Demos, and equipment auction details.
NEW this year! 
Tractor Mac! will visit us with his be red tractor reading from his books to the kids. Also herding down from the Great White North is the CORPUS theater troupe to inspire our imaginations as sheep. Don’t forget, the official website is www.sheepandwool.com.

Daf Summers

I caught the crafting bug early, learning to sew by hand from my grandmother and learning to knit and crochet from my aunt. At age 18 I discovered the Society for Creative Anachronism (a medieval recreation group), and learned to card fibres into yarns and weave them into beautiful pieces of trim. And rebellious teen that I was, I hated that medieval hand carding! Fast forward to 5 years ago and I rediscovered knitting, spinning and weaving all over again, this time with the internet. I am modern now, and the proud owner of an electric drum carder. And I wish I had known about the hand crank ones back then! 

I enjoy introducing people to spinning & weaving. There is such a rich history to this seemly simple act that we perform, taking fibre and making it strong enough to be made into the clothing we wear and the fabrics we use every day. Then linen takes things to the next level. The same fibres that make excellent cloth, is also prized for paper making. The plant itself can be manipulated into figures and wreaths. 

I love the feel and shine of linen. I enjoy working with vegan fibres & yarns. I also like to find environmental yarns. I have also worked with re-purposed silk and mill end cotton  yarns. The   yarns & fibres I like to focus on fall into the non-stretchy yarn category. I love using linen for towels, but also to blend together with other fibre types. 

I love to dye, spin, knit, crochet, macrame, braid, weave, cook, read and in general craft. 

I’m allergic to a big list of chemical and environmental issues/things but I’m just lucky that wool is not on the list. I understand about allergies though and how frustrating it can be to find alternatives.

Twitter:  @farmablefibres
Ravelry: Dafsum

My Instructors Sessions

Saturday, October 15


Sunday, October 16