10/5/16 - Tick Tock Tick Tock.... Welcome New in 2016 Vendors!  Recent updates include: FiberFlame kids schedule, Cooking Demos (including a Chopped! star), and the Fiber Arts Demos, and equipment auction details.
NEW this year! 
Tractor Mac! will visit us with his be red tractor reading from his books to the kids. Also herding down from the Great White North is the CORPUS theater troupe to inspire our imaginations as sheep. Don’t forget, the official website is www.sheepandwool.com.
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Leslie Wind

Leslie has been a jeweler since the late 1960’s.  After many years of retail mostly from her home/studio in Rockport, MA, she closed her studio to the public, opened an Etsy store and experimented with ways of using the new found freedom. Teaching came as a natural extension of loving the creative process and wishing to share it. Knowing that is was seeing people spin at fiber shows that sparked an interest that grew into a deep love, she started doing spontaneous public displays of creativity aided by the tools she carries in her car. She now sees herself as a “craftivist”. Thinking that quick and simple projects encourage more people to jump in and try, her classes focus on practical mini projects that can be made using simple techniques and few tools. Many of these projects have dual uses.     

This new freedom has allowed her to focus on music.  She is a member of the sea shanty group, Three Sheets to the Wind which performs around the New England area. Mixing music with fiber, she has developed an interest in learning traditional songs about spinning, weaving and all things fiber.

Website:  http://www.lesliewind.com/  
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Leslie-Wind-Clasps-and-Closures/211755868842729?fref=tsTwitter: windpins
Ravelry:  windpins
Blog:  http://follycovefiberfreaks.blogspot.com/