10/5/16 - Tick Tock Tick Tock.... Welcome New in 2016 Vendors!  Recent updates include: FiberFlame kids schedule, Cooking Demos (including a Chopped! star), and the Fiber Arts Demos, and equipment auction details.
NEW this year! 
Tractor Mac! will visit us with his be red tractor reading from his books to the kids. Also herding down from the Great White North is the CORPUS theater troupe to inspire our imaginations as sheep. Don’t forget, the official website is www.sheepandwool.com.
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Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guides #1: Stripes
Mason-Dixon Knitting serves knitters by creating an ever-evolving world online and in real life where knitting is celebrated, explored and taught. It is a place of rich community, creativity, curiosity and humor - the ultimate rabbit hole for knitters. Kay lives in New York City. Ann lives in Nashville. We talk on the phone daily and send each other hundreds of emails a week across the Mason-Dixon Line.